“Work in hostels” is a community for people that would like to experience a hostel job, and a useful tool for hostel owners and managers to simply find new motivated staff.

  • Job Seekers

The experience of working in a hostel is a perfect way to travel for free, experience the real culture and meet lots of people.  Working in a hostel is not always a very formal job, itcould even be your first work experience. Sometimes the job could be paid with accommodation and /or food, or more depending on your skills.

Working in a hostel encompasses a variety of roles such as receptionist, house keeper, night-porter, security, bartender, but even blogger, video-maker, animator and much more…Most backpackers do not realize how valuable their skills could be, and how many times they could sleep for free!!

  • Hostel Managers / Owners

Finding new staff is not always easy,  this community wants to give you the possibility to simplify your work. How many times in low season do you have free beds and you finally decide to redecorate!!

Well there is probably someone ready to do it in exchange of a little vacation…

But there are many other possible jobs for a Facebook maniac, like updating your Facebook page, or a film maker that could finally take the video you always wanted to have.

This can become a great tool for everybody.